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Covid Supply and Demand Issues

Covid Supply and Demand Issues https://www.fettyscycleservice.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/F60C15D9-5D0E-4F95-A7F6-D4A5CD0DF565-scaled.jpeg 1620 1080 Fetty's Cycle Service Fetty's Cycle Service //www.fettyscycleservice.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/Fettys-Final-logo-300x173-1.png

When spring 2020 hit the season’s start was more of a whimper than a bang. The Covid ‘19 coronavirus variant changed many things for people all over the world. It forced people to change the way that they lived and reassess what was important to them.

During this time there was understandably global turmoil not just regarding quarantining and keeping people healthy. Supply chains were broken, factories shuttered and everyone waited to see what would happen next.

It seems like that should be all in the rear view mirror by now. People have returned to work. Factories have restarted production and supply chains have been repaired, or have they.

Post 2020 world is a different place than it was before. Production bottlenecks created by lack of raw materials can have far reaching effects. In the bike industry in particular, a shortage in carbon fiber has thrown some component manufacturer’s production back. 

On top of all of that, people all over the world started to fall in love with their surroundings again as traditional means of entertainment were temporarily closed. In parts of the US national parks and wilderness areas were seeing a critical overload of tourists even during the heart of the pandemic. In Early 2020 bike sales were up 120% industry wide. Outside of the restrictions it was the strongest year in decades for the cycling industry.

Without getting into the rights and wrongs of mass temporary migration and the effect that influx has on the local population especially during a pandemic, I would point out that this is also a cause of the bike and bike component shortage. 

Small stocks of available bikes at the start of the pandemic lead to an increase in valuation on the resale market. This increase in value of tangible assets during a marked downturn in the financial prospects of much of the population led to a speculative boom.

If you could get a bike you could often resell it for more than you paid for it. Actions that would have gotten you flamed on social media in the past were now greeted with private message bidding wars.

More people were outdoors. More people wanted to ride. More people were looking for bikes, and at the same time bike shops were waiting on stock, and when it has trickled in it is devoured just as quickly as they can unbox it.

So while it may seem strange that another riding season is upon us and these problems persist, it is not so different than any other market bubble. While this one might not pop as aggressively as a real estate market crash, we will get back to a time when bikes, and parts become available and not subject to speculative buying. Just be thankful it’s not still TP in short supply.  

bike racks for cars

Thinking About Getting A Bike Rack?

Thinking About Getting A Bike Rack? https://www.fettyscycleservice.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/bike-rack-for-car.jpg 1024 601 Fetty's Cycle Service Fetty's Cycle Service //www.fettyscycleservice.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/Fettys-Final-logo-300x173-1.png

Bike racks make going almost anywhere with your bike easier and safer. With so many diverse options it is not hard to find a rack that fits your needs and adds some convenience and style while doing it. Roof Racks, Receiver Hitch Mounted, Trunk Mounts and Tailgate Pads they all have their time and place and what you choose will depend on what you drive and how you want your bike carried on your vehicle.

What do you want though? With so many choices it can be overwhelming to decide what works best for you. Make no mistake about it bike racks are an investment and if you choose one that doesn’t do what you need it can be an expensive mistake. 

So first thing, before you even start shopping around for that new Thule roof rack you want or Kuat hitch mount rack, make sure you know what your bikes need. For some racks you will just need to know what tire and rim sizes you want to be able to carry, for others you will need to consider frame attachment points and axle size/ spacing. Knowing the relevant specs ahead of time will save you time and potential aggravation.

Racks that can be mounted on your car without a receiver hitch or hardpoint mounting a roof rack come in various types. The old style trunk mount rack has seen some updates but with cars increasingly seamless many just don’t work well. One exception is a different take on temporarily mounting. Using suction cups SeaSucker makes mounts that can be used on all vehicle types. They have an interesting take on how to do this and years of positive reviews, but their radical style makes them an acquired taste. If you want a high end roof rack that you can switch between cars seamlessly this might be the choice for you.

Multipurpose roof rack systems from companies like Thule and Yakima have been around for generations. They can be configured to carry many different load types, and most importantly can be set up to carry two or even three bikes in some cases. They are stable at high speeds and over long distances. Even though they hold your bike up high it tend to be a safe place, that is unless you forget about your bike and drive into your garage. Imagine totalling your bike and your car, thankfully for me when I made that mistake I was riding BMX that day and only tore a grip and scratched my brake lever perch. 

Receiver Hitch Mounted Racks come in many shapes and sizes. The most popular of these in recent years have been the tray style ones where the bike’s wheels stay on and are tensioned into place by a bar that goes over the top of the wheel. Tray style racks can often hold a wide range of tire widths and rim sizes. One of the benefits of this style is also its ability to hold many different frame types. As suspension frames have gotten more complex it can be difficult to mount them to any style of rack that attaches to the frame. With increased use of carbon fiber there is even more reason to not want to be clamping frame tubes.

One of the main drawbacks for receiver hitch mounted racks is that they stick out behind your vehicle. Any accident from behind is likely to mean that your bikes are totaled, but roof racks have problems too as we’ve discussed, so it is always important to remember that your bike is there.

The last style “rack” I want to cover is the tailgate pad. A lot of riders might look down on the tailgate pad as basic, but if you have a truck it doesn’t get much better. Downhiller have used tailgate pads for years for shuttle runs and transporting their heavy rigs. A good tailgate pad will keep your bike secure and organized even when driving through rough backcountry, while also working just as well on long highway trips. Tailgate pads can even provide unexpected security if you can mount some anchor points in your truck for and anti theft chain or cable.

No rack is really secure though. It is best not to trust security to a rack. If you need to leave your vehicle unattended your best bet is to put your bikes in the vehicle, take them with you, or find somewhere else to secure them indoors. Bike thieves can act quickly and with the increasing value of today’s bikes, they unfortunately have more incentive than ever before.

Hopefully this gives you an idea of what racks are out there and their relative benefit. If I had to pick one I’d probably say that even after years of having roof racks, I would seriously consider a receiver hitch mount rack like a Kuat.

Tips for New Cyclists

Tips for New Cyclists https://www.fettyscycleservice.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/F226D912-37A4-418E-AB44-1EDEA2D3ABF7_1_201_a-scaled.jpeg 1440 1080 Fetty's Cycle Service Fetty's Cycle Service //www.fettyscycleservice.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/Fettys-Final-logo-300x173-1.png

If you are not crashing you are not trying hard enough. That probably isn’t the type of quote that new cyclists want to hear when they are trying to find their way. While it is true, in time if you want to become great you will have to overcome your fears and yes crash sometimes to learn important lessons. Lets go over some basics that help to ensure that new cyclists become veteran cyclists who will share their experiences to help our sport continue to flourish.

The bicycle industry has done a great job of keeping the operation of increasingly high tech bikes relatively simple. Even so there is still a learning curve. At first it is important to keep rides short or lower intensity. This gives you a chance to build muscle memory so when things get more difficult or technical you are more likely to be able to approach it with confidence.

Bike fit is often overlooked by new riders. If you don’t know how your bike should fit there are numerous resources you can use to get it dialed in. Youtube videos, groups like Lee Likes Bikes, or professional fitters can all give you tools and knowledge to take your riding where you want it to go.

Covid restrictions have changed the current landscape of group activities, but outdoor exercise with proper precautions is still a great way to stay healthy. When you are starting out try to ride with people who are at your level and/or experienced patient leaders. Few things help you grow as a rider like having appropriate challenges from riders who are at or near your level. Bonus if you can do that with an experienced leader who knows how to let you ride at your own pace. When you don’t have to worry about directions or getting lost you can be free to learn to be more at one with your bike.

Bike demos and Demo days are your best friend. It can be intimidating to show up to a shop or riding area to demo a bike or companies’ lines of bikes. These days aren’t made for professional riders though, they’re made for you, the new rider. Bike demos are the best way to get the feel for numerous different bikes and riding styles. You never know what you might get on and fall in love with. I’ll never forget the first time I saw a pre production Rocky Mountain ETSX. It had Easton RAD Bi-Oval Tubing and Grey Flames. I was in love, and when disaster took my Jamacian Gold Klein Adept from me later that year I knew just what to replace it with.

In all the excitement of starting or getting back into riding it is really easy to overdo it. Some of you, and you probably know who you are, are going to push your limits physically and technically. I get it as does anyone who has experienced the quiet thrill of pulling off something that you had no business trying. That’s all part of riding, part of any new sport, but remember if you get hurt it can limit your growth and could even take you away from riding for a time.

If you are primarily a road rider please be safe, obey traffic laws, and keep the rubber side down. When offroad is more your style you are more likely to push control to it’s limit. If you want to keep it relaxed and in control then you need to spend time developing bike control, but if you want to really improve your skills then you need to learn to crash.

It all comes back to if you are not crashing you are not trying hard enough, but I will qualify that by saying crashing does not mean getting hurt. No matter what kind of bike you ride you can learn alot by putting flat pedals on and learning to corner, bunny hop and at least do small jumps. Flat pedals make crashing safer, you can just jump off if you get in trouble. Flat pedals also teach you how to move the bike properly, if you think you can bunny hop, but can only do it when clipped in then you can’t really bunny hop.  

Cycling is a tremendously diverse sport even if you have been doing it for years there are always new things that you will learn. Take it slow, be safe and remember most of all cycling is about having fun. 

bicycle lights

How Important are Bicycle Lights?

How Important are Bicycle Lights? https://www.fettyscycleservice.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/bicycle-lights.jpg 1620 1080 Fetty's Cycle Service Fetty's Cycle Service //www.fettyscycleservice.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/Fettys-Final-logo-300x173-1.png

Bicycle Lights, To See or Be Seen

Bicycles are a great mode of transportation. They can get you where you need to go and help you have fun doing it. Lights can play an important part in ensuring that you get the most out of your bike safely.

There are many different types of bike lights, and at first the options can seem overwhelming. The most important thing to keep in mind is the type of riding that you do.

If you mainly ride on the road at low to moderate speeds then one of your biggest concerns is going to be a good indicator light facing backwards so traffic can see you from far back, this can be important even during the day because it will increase your visibility and give drivers more time to react safely. A low or moderately powered handlebar mount “headlight” to illuminate your path is a great addition and is important if you are going to be riding at night on unlit roads. For road riding a handlebar mount light is the safest as looking up into oncoming traffic with your helmet mounted light is akin to high beaming the drivers and could seriously disorient them.

If your focus is on getting rowdy offroad and you want to light up the night for your midnight shuttle runs, neither of the lights mentioned above are going to do much for you. You would probably want a combination of lights, but both of them facing forward. You might even want them to be as powerful as your budget allows. For most offroad night riding this is not necessary. Using a combination of two forward facing lights, one on your handlebars and one mounted on your helmet, you can create depth, consistently illuminate where you are headed, and always have a spot light shining where you are looking.

Personally I have found 2 Nightrider 750 lumen lights to be enough for anything I’m going to be doing offroad, including shuttle runs, but if you really feel the need to light up the night then there are brighter options. 

The current state of bicycle light technology is impressive. Gone are the days of needing to carry multiple bulky batteries that you had to treat with the utmost care just to make it through one night ride. Modern lights are compact and powerful, rarely would you need more than a light with an integrated battery to get you through whatever conditions you face short of a 24hr race. On top of that modern lights are so compact that carrying an extra for an emergency comes with minimal weight penalty.

No matter what type of riding you do one of the best ways to make the most informed decision when buying lights is to talk to other riders who do what you want to do. If at all possible try to experience what different lights offer. Your local bike shop is a great resource for this type of information and they can often connect you with like minded folks. It is always great to have more community to help you make informed choices and progress through your riding.

Riding at night opens up riding opportunities that aren’t available in many people’s busy schedules. Even more night riding is a whole new experience. Your senses are restricted and there is a strange and peaceful calm that has to be experienced. Like anything that gives you opportunities to get outside and play, bike lights can improve the quality of your recreation and life. As a bonus they make the best flashlight you’ve ever had…

bike helmets

Not Just Any Helmet

Not Just Any Helmet https://www.fettyscycleservice.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/smith-helmet.png 700 700 Fetty's Cycle Service Fetty's Cycle Service //www.fettyscycleservice.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/Fettys-Final-logo-300x173-1.png

Why a proper fit helmet from a professional is important

Your new bike is ready for its maiden voyage. You have everything perfect. The right ride setup with the right people. Today is going to be epic. This isn’t the time when most riders think about their helmet.

That is a problem in the cycling community, oftentimes we make do with the protective equipment that we have instead choosing to upgrade for style and performance. With that increased performance potential, you need improved protection.

Helmets are often an afterthought. After spending thousands of dollars on a new bike purchase it is easy to try to save money where you can. When I think about helmets though, I’m always reminded of what the oldtimers would tell me about riding motorcycles in my youth. “If you’ve got a $10- head then you can wear any helmet, but if you value your brain you’re going to need to spend some money.” Prophetic words that have proven true and saved my life multiple times. Turns out those old timers were onto something.

Like shoes, helmets are made for a shape. In this case the head. Heads come in all shapes and sizes, and thankfully helmets do too. If you have the wrong helmet for your head or your riding style the results can be catastrophic. 

Proper helmet fit is essential for it to protect you as designed. Most bike helmets are made to live through one serious crash ONLY! When they have been damaged they need to be disposed of as the foam structure can be damaged even if you cannot find it on inspection. Once the foam structure is compromised, the helmet is no longer safe.

Bike shop professionals can assist you in the process of finding a helmet that will fit your head type, and provide you with the protection that you need for your riding style. With technology constantly improving protection and performance, they can also educate you about new options on the market.

If you have already had your helmet fit to you by a bike shop professional and you don’t know if a new helmet would benefit you yet, then ask. Your local bike shop professional is there to help you get the most out of your ride. Helping their customers to ride safely and stay healthy is their concern. Even if you didn’t buy your helmet there, many bike shops will still inspect your helmet to ensure it is right for you, and if not assist you in finding what you need.

Helping everyone is a great way to build community and create new customers. Local Bike Shops know this as well as any business, and have the added benefit of being a fountain of knowledge about local riding and riders.

Need a helmet with MIPS? Not sure if your cross country helmet will cut it at the local lift assisted mountain? Having trouble finding a helmet that doesn’t seem to rub your head wrong on long rides? These are all questions that you are going to find lots of opinions about online. While it may be tempting to take the advice of an anonymous person online if it supports you saving a few bucks, those potential savings come with risk. If that risk is the health and safety of your brain, maybe you should think twice before clicking on Buy Now.  

This isn’t a blog post about economics and the importance of the Local Bike Shop. Many riders have already made up their mind about how and where they are going to spend their money. Playing it smart isn’t always about finding the best deal, or the cheapest NOS helmet. Making sure that your brain is outfitted with the best possible safety equipment for your riding style is pretty smart in my book. In any sport we have to trust the professionals and prepare for the worst so we can perform our best.

In case you are wondering, MIPS stands for Multi-directional Impact Protection System. It has been proven to reduce brain trauma by decoupling rotational forces on impact. Sounds trick? Maybe it is time you talked to your LBS professional. They would be happy to help you find the helmet that best fits your unique riding personality. Keeping you safe, keeps our riding community strong.

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The Benefits of Getting Outside on a Bike

The Benefits of Getting Outside on a Bike https://www.fettyscycleservice.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/AdobeStock_177119095-1200x900-1.jpeg 1200 900 Fetty's Cycle Service Fetty's Cycle Service //www.fettyscycleservice.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/Fettys-Final-logo-300x173-1.png

There are many benefits to getting outside and riding your bike any time of year. It goes way beyond the obvious physical benefits, riding your bike can help to elevate your mental and emotional wellbeing. Understanding the benefits that getting out and riding has on your health and wellbeing can help you to handle stresses better when you cannot get outside.

The Physical Benefits of Getting Outside on a Bike

Movement is important for your body. It increases circulation, and respiration while also boosting your metabolism to burn energy and fat.
Without that boost in energy and efficiency, mental clarity and focus can suffer.

Exercise is essential for your body and mind to function at its peak performance level. Cycling has some unique benefits that allow you to really take advantage of what exercise can offer, and it is essential to train outside to get some of these benefits.

Getting outside in the open air and practicing deep breathing opens and clears your lungs. The powerful breathing that cycling regularly develops stretches and strengthens many of your core muscles, opens your chest increasing lung capacity, and helps you to clear accumulated particulate matter from your lungs.

Indoor air quality, unless treated is dramatically worse than outdoor air quality. Getting outside on your bike allows you to take advantage of exercising in the best possible environment for your lungs. Cycling does so much more than that though.

The Mental Benefits of Getting Outside on a Bike

This is highly personal with many different potential answers, and there is overlap between the relative benefits to your physical and emotional health as well. There are some specific mental benefits that getting outside on a bike offers everyone.

Riding your bike is a kind of moving meditation. Many riders will report feeling like this is one of the few times that their mind is quiet. Having a quiet mind allows your brain space to work without having to address your thoughts and feelings as directly.
This space and activity can help your brain to process complex thoughts and ideas while also increasing the supply of blood and oxygen. This basic change in perception and reduction in internal mental stimulus can literally make color brighter and perceptions richer. The creative
afterglow this can induce is very healthy and helpful.

The Emotional Benefits of Getting Outside on a Bike

If the mental benefits of getting outside on your bike are highly personal, the emotional ones are even more so. There are so many different potential causes of emotional stimulus and how we react to them is highly individual. No matter who you are or what level of athlete you are the emotional benefits of getting outside on your bike are much the same though.

Living an engaged life has become a popular term, and in many respects it can help you to address the uniqueness of the moment. Feeling engaged, locked in, or focused would likely rank high on the list of potential benefits of cycling to many riders. What is interesting is that much of the emotional benefit derived from getting outside on your bike might be what is disengaged.

Physical, mental or emotional stresses cause difficulty and illness. The effect on your body and wellbeing can be overwhelming. Any stress or pain is a depressant to your body and moods. Movement and physical activity help to eliminate those stimuli, even if just for a time.

The key to this process is proprioception or the awareness of the position and movement of the body. Nerve impulse from proprioception travels faster than pain signals, out competing them for the use of the nerve pathways. So much like the ability of cycling to clear your mind of
thoughts, it can also clear your mind of your perception of different physical pains.

The benefits of getting outside on a bike are many, weaving through the fabric of your existence. There is no real definition in the borders between the physical, mental and emotional benefits of riding a bike outdoors. It gives us so much and asks relatively little from us in return.
It is an honor and a privilege to be part of something so great.

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The Benefits of Tubeless Tires on Bicycles

The Benefits of Tubeless Tires on Bicycles https://www.fettyscycleservice.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/mountain-bike-shop-e1614015436335.jpg 937 499 Fetty's Cycle Service Fetty's Cycle Service //www.fettyscycleservice.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/Fettys-Final-logo-300x173-1.png

The benefit of tubeless tires on bicycles is profound. Your tires are your connection to the ground. There is simply no other modification you can make to your bike that will have a more direct and profound effect on its handling than the right tires. There are numerous reasons why no matter what tread pattern or rubber durometer you choose, it will perform better under almost any conditions if it is tubeless.

Tubeless tires rose to popularity in mountain bikes because their combination of reduced rolling resistance and better traction could really shine here, even though early tubeless tires had their challenges. Retaining air pressure was an issue with leakage through the carcass (body of the tire), and at the bead. Because of this early tubeless tires were heavier than their tubed counterparts as they needed extra layers of rubber in their carcass and special bead construction to improve sealing.

The Basics of Tubeless Tires

Tubeless Tires have numerous benefits over conventional tubed or tubular tires. These benefits have to do with how the tubeless tire reacts and interacts differently than the other two.

Tubeless tires attach directly to the bead shelf of the rim and are held there by tire pressure the same as conventional tubed tires. This has been shown to be better for the stability of the tire both under inline and lateral acceleration. Tubular tires cannot handle lateral loading with the same stability that a beaded tire can.

What puts the tubeless tire out front in terms of performance is that without a tube it is free to interact with the ground without friction between the tube and tire carcass. The lack of friction between the tire carcass and the tube allows the tire to react as it should in realtime to new obstacles, instead of binding, creating heat, and handling variability as it would with a tube. This allows lower pressures to be run for better traction, while maintaining the desired rebound characteristics in the tire.

Another benefit of tubeless tires is that without the friction between the tube and the tire there is less heat produced and therefore less of a pressure increase under extreme use like downhill mountain bike races.

Better ground feel, more control, and more consistent breakaway (drift) are all good reasons to use tubeless tires on mountain bikes, but it took tire technology improving before the benefits became universally appreciated on other bikes. 

When tubeless tire construction became more consistent and lightweight they gradually started to become the industry race standard. Not just on downhill mountain bikes, but more and more on cross country, road and even BMX.

Another defining technology for tubeless tires has been tire sealant. Tire sealants allowed the tire carcass to be thin while not leaking air and helped to prevent all but the worst flat tires. The tire sealant also helps to attach the tire carcass to the rim and seals in through even the largest impacts.

Benefits of Tubeless Tires on Road Bicycles

High performance athletics involves a balancing act while searching for incremental change. Traditionally in road racing trade offs were made in training to promote the durability of your equipment vs the need for maximum performance in races. Tires were a spot where the difference in performance between training clinchers and racing tubulars was known to be a problem.

Inconsistency between training and racing setups lead some racers to have less confidence in their tires when they really needed it, in races. Tubeless road tires allow for racers to train on race day like tires. This consistency can only have a beneficial effect on confidence and performance.

Tubeless tires are a component that allows you to positively affect ground feel, traction, and smooth ride, while reducing rolling resistance and rotational mass.

The one place where tubeless tires can get a bad reputation is in installation and maintenance. It is true that they take more work to set up and maintain, but the performance benefits outweigh the drawbacks for most habitual cyclists.

The benefits of tubeless tires on bicycles can be experienced by anyone. For many cyclists the thought of ever going back to using tube or tubular tires isn’t even an option. Once you go tubeless you will never look back.

1% for Nature Monroe

1% for Nature Monroe https://www.fettyscycleservice.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/dsc_0491-scaled.jpg 1620 1080 Fetty's Cycle Service Fetty's Cycle Service //www.fettyscycleservice.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/Fettys-Final-logo-300x173-1.png

1% of certain services are products go towards benefiting a local non-profit in our area. 1% for Nature Monroe County, Pennsylvania.

Their mission is to protect and establish and conserve natural and green spaces in the Pocono’s and Monroe County. Don’t take my word for it. Check them out at the link below. More details to follow.


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Spring is Almost Here – Premier Bicycle Shop

Spring is Almost Here – Premier Bicycle Shop https://www.fettyscycleservice.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/img_2444-scaled.jpg 810 1080 Fetty's Cycle Service Fetty's Cycle Service //www.fettyscycleservice.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/Fettys-Final-logo-300x173-1.png

We could not be more excited for spring to be on its way. We have made so many upgrades and updates to our website and our store. We have hats, and koozies and even custom Fetty’s Cycle Service water bottles for sale. We have spent the winter building new bikes that will certainly be very popular come warmer weather.

Over the past 5 years we have slowly and steadily established ourselves as the premier and ONLY bicycle shop in the Pocono’s and Northeast PA that will come directly to you. One of our favorite parts of this business and this business model is to see the expression of our customers when they may very well at first be skeptical and uncertain of how a Mobile Bicycle shop operates, but once they book an appointment online and see the ease they are thrilled to just set back and relax while we take care of their issues. Often many times, once we establish relationships with these customers these choose to not even be home while we perform our services. Giving them more time to run other errands and check things off their list.

Now is the time to start thinking about getting your current bikes serviced or getting a new bike (starting @ $299.99) for the upcoming season. Our mobile optimized site offers for online appointment booking with many different options and price points. We are going to offer for the foreseeable future 10% off all labor costs for any appointments booked online. All our same pricing still applies, but there is an incentive for booking on our simple platform.

Our phone still works and we still enjoy speaking will all of our customers. We will most usually send a text or make a call to confirm the appointment with you anyway. If you prefer.

Thanks for reading and we will see you soon.

About Fetty's Cycle service

My Story

My Story https://www.fettyscycleservice.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/fullsizeoutput_83a-scaled-e1615215863137.jpeg 500 335 Fetty's Cycle Service Fetty's Cycle Service //www.fettyscycleservice.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/Fettys-Final-logo-300x173-1.png

The journey of this whole business really has a neat and pretty humble beginning.   Myself personally have over 15 year’s experience in the bicycle industry.  I started at a young age working in a very successful brick and mortar bike shop, and was very fortunate that the owner kind of took me in.  It was at that  bicycle shop where I have learned stuff that I really still use to this day.  My mom and dad bought me some of my first bicycle specific tools at around age 13-14, a few of which I actually still use every day.  There were so many things I learned along the way, that I never dreamed that I would use to operate this business.

The whole concept of Fetty’s Cycle Service really started organically when several years ago some of my very good customers NOW, caught wind that I was knowledgeable with bikes.   I would either pick the bikes up and take them with me or work on them onsite with what was a pretty small mobile operation compared to what we have now.  For the First year, I was super fortunate for some of those really good customers to carry me thru.

After that first year I really saw the potential in this business.  I knew that customers loved not having to take their bikes back and forth to the bike shop.  And I knew that I really enjoyed traveling around and meeting new customers, getting to work on bikes and helping folks get to enjoy their bikes and cross something off their list with minimal effort on their part. We are really just changing the way that folks view what a bicycle shop can be.

Since those first days, we have evolved to now operate out of our fully equipped Ford Transit connect van. We have greatly expanded our website and our online booking platform.  You can always give us a call or text, but a great feature about this is that you can go online any time and book an appointment to get your bikes serviced on your schedule.  Estimates are most usually free.  We are fully stocked with parts to repair most any bike.  We carry everything from tires and tubes, to brake pads, Chains, water bottles, flashy safety lights and tons more inventory.

Like I mentioned, we do sell new bikes from Raleigh and Diamondback and a few smaller brands as well as racks for your car to carry the bikes.   One common question we get is how are you going to sell me a bike at my house that fits me correctly?  Once the customer calls, we will discuss things like height, weight, riding style and budget.  I will then take a few models out of my inventory and bring them to you.  We can discuss then more details and get you the best bike for you.  I will get you fitted correctly and you have a new bike ready to enjoy!

Really the biggest takeaway from this business is service and convenience, if nothing else.   Over the years and the relationships I have developed, I have really grown to take the customers satisfaction personally. The only real complaint we get is that folks wish they would have found us sooner.  Usually once a customer uses us, they don’t go back to the traditional way.  As long as my customers are satisfied and they keep spreading the word, I am confident we will be around for a long time.